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"Thank you guys for everything you do its a pleasure to give my opinions to the people u work! Keep up the good work!!'' - Adrian N.

"Just to say a big thankx to you all for sending me my Amazon voucher so very quickly - I am well happy - do continue to invite me to many more interesting surveys in future" - C.Pierre

"Your survey site is the best" - Chris P.

"You can choose from a wide range including vouchers from Boots, HMV, supermarkets, restaurants etc. And they do pay out. I' ve just recieved my first set of vouchers the day after I submitted my request! Definitely one to join. " -Susi

"Thank you for your wonderfully refreshing and human sounding questionnaire invites. I look forward to reading My voice emails and answering the questions because every correspondence treats me as a real person. It's wonderfully refreshing!" - Victoria T.

"I think that you ought to know that your correspondence at the end of a survey is so wonderfully nice, pleasant, and leaves a smile on my face. In comparison to other survey sites, you are the best and often I wished that you can send a link to invite my friends to sign up as members. " - Sonny

"The registration is quite simple and they do not seem to bother too much asking you many personal questions as other website seem to do" - Everbier

" I absolutely love Myvoice surveys. After a slow start some years ago, we are really cooking with gas now!! I love the funny comments you make at the end of the surveys and the whole experience is innovative and lots of fun. I recommend you to all my friends" - Lisette

"Just had to say I love the comments you make at the end of the survey , have a nice Christmas when it comes" - Margaret

"I just had to e-mail you and tell you that your surveys are brilliant, superb, and sparkling, i love doing them because there quick and easy to do." - Justine

"Got my £20 of WHSmith Vouchers today and just wanted to say what a great site My Voice is and the vouchers came so quick. Keep up the excellent work." - Rob

"I just want to say that you are the most pleasant online survey 'company' that I do surveys for. Your personal comments and attention is thoughtful and humorous, and the surveys are straightforward and well designed. Thank you very much ..all the best to you in 2010" - Marion

"I feel I have to write and say how much I enjoy getting surveys from you. They may be short and I may not always qualify, but I like your delivery. You come across as very friendly and down to earth and write in 'normal' words without being too formal.  I like that." - C Larkin

"Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say how much I love, love, love MyVoice!  There is such a warm, welcoming and friendly feel to this site that isn't present on any other of the survey panels I use. Keep up the good work!" -Katie

"I enjoy doing My Voice surveys because they are generally quick and concise. The other site I use often blocks me out half way through a survey which is most annoying and a waste of my time." -Karen

"I used to do lots of other surveys.  Now I only do MyVoice" -Cassy

"I would just like to say that I really love my voice surveys, because you actually listen to your customers, a lot of the large survey companies have complicated support systems, and never even take feedback on board. " - Craig

"I genuinely think My Voice are the best survey site as the surveys are never too long and the rewards are fair." - Ruth

"I want to give you some compliments for your surveys. I like your surveys as they are very interesting, creative and definitely not boring! I enjoy taking them!" - Oksana

"Absolutely loved this survey... the thank you message at the end had me laughing out loud.   But please, Dave, don't stop your jolly little thank you messages - they really add the human (or is it British) touch to doing surveys!  Myvoice was the first survey company I joined, and having also joined a lot of others, it is now the only one.  Keep up the good work!'' - Cassy T.

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed reading some of your FAQs, I do love interacting with people who have a good sense of humor! Good luck to you in your Market Research venture, best wishes.'' - Cynthia

"Just want to say how much I enjoyed doing the quizzes! How refreshing is it to find such interesting things to do on a survey Site! I for one would love to do more... '' - Pat

" I am really pleased to be part of a survey panel which cares for its members, there are a lot of panels out there that are so big, they send you a message saying they will fix the problem or whatever and it never gets done, but I feel that my voice is a really good panel. Thank you so much. Thank you, Take care,'' - Craig

"Just a quick note to say how much I love, love, love MyVoice! There is such a warm, welcoming and friendly feel to this site that isn't present on any other of the survey panels I use. Keep up the good work!'' - Katie

"I just wanted to say thank you , I have been a member for years and let my rewards mount up. I have just redeemed £40 soooo thank you so much. You have made this pensioners day :)'' - Margaret

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