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"Thank you guys for everything you do its a pleasure to give my opinions to the people u work! Keep up the good work!!''

-Adrian N.

"Just to say a big thankx to you all for sending me my Amazon
voucher so very quickly - I am well happy - do continue to invite me to many
more interesting surveys in future"


"Your survey site is the best" - Chris P.

"You can choose from a wide range including vouchers from Boots, HMV, supermarkets, restaurants etc. And they do pay out. I' ve just recieved my first set of vouchers the day after I submitted my request! Definitely one to join. "

"Thank you for your wonderfully refreshing and human sounding questionnaire invites. I look forward to reading My voice emails and answering the questions because every correspondence treats me as a real person. It's wonderfully refreshing! "
- Victoria T.

"I think that you ought to know that your correspondence at the end of a survey is so wonderfully nice, pleasant, and leaves a smile on my face. In comparison to other survey sites, you are the best and often I wished that you can send a link to invite my friends to sign up as members. " - Sonny

"The registration is quite simple and they do not seem to bother too much asking you many personal questions as other website seem to do"
- Everbier

" I absolutely love Myvoice surveys. After a slow start some years ago, we are really cooking with gas now!! I love the funny comments you make at the end of the surveys and the whole experience is innovative and lots of fun. I recommend you to all my friends"
– Lisette

"Just had to say I love the comments you make at the end of the survey , have a nice Christmas when it comes"
- Margaret

In recent months two of our community members have received bogus phone calls purporting to come from MyVoice. (We know they are bogus as MyVoice does not do telephone research!) It seems to be a random activity with the caller just going through the public phone book and picking the name MyVoice as a cover. We did want to let you know though so you are aware – please don’t give out information to anyone claiming to be us over the telephone. Also please note we would always get in touch via email and you can validate this by emailing us on support@myvoice.co.uk. Do get in touch if you have any questions or if you are also contacted. Aneta

"I just had to e-mail you and tell you that your surveys are brilliant,superb,and sparkling,i love doing them because there quick and easy to do." Justine

"Got my £20 of WHSmith Vouchers today and just wanted to say what a great site My Voice is and the vouchers came so quick. Keep up the excellent work."
- Rob

"I just want to say that you are the most pleasant online survey 'company' that I do surveys for. Your personal comments and attention is thoughtful and humorous, and the surveys are straightforward and well designed. Thank you very much ..all the best to you in 2010"
- Marion

"I feel I have to write and say how much I enjoy getting surveys from you.
They may be short and I may not always qualify, but I like your delivery.
You come across as very friendly and down to earth and write in 'normal'
words without being too formal.  I like that."

C Larkin

"Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say how much I love, love, love MyVoice!  There is such a warm, welcoming and friendly feel to this site that isn't present on any other of the survey panels I use. Keep up the good work!"

"I enjoy doing My Voice surveys because they are generally quick and concise. The other site I use often blocks me out half way through a survey which is most annoying and a waste of my time."

"I used to do lots of other surveys.  Now I only do MyVoice"



"I would just like to say that I really love my voice surveys, because you actually listen to your customers, a lot of the large survey companies have complicated support systems, and never even take feedback on board. "
- Craig

"I genuinely think My Voice are the best survey site as the surveys are never too long and the rewards are fair."
- Ruth

"I want to give you some compliments for your surveys. I like your surveys as they are very interesting, creative and definitely not boring! I enjoy taking them!"
- Oksana

"Absolutely loved this survey... the thank you message at the end had me laughing out loud.   But please, Dave, don't stop your jolly little thank you messages - they really add the human (or is it British) touch to doing surveys!  Myvoice was the first survey company I joined, and having also joined a lot of others, it is now the only one.  Keep up the good work!''

-Cassy T.

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed reading some of your FAQs, I do love interacting with people who have a good sense of humor! Good luck to you in your Market Research venture, best wishes,'' -Cynthia

"Just want to say how much I enjoyed doing the quizzes! How refreshing is it to find such interesting things to do on a survey Site! I for one would love to do more... '' - Pat

"Having just completed the most boring, repetitive, pointless survey ever (on another site, obviously!!) I just wanted to thank you for straightforward surveys that don’t ask me stupid questions about perceived attributes of toilet rolls "coming to life as a person" or the emotions a group of people might feel after purchasing a specific biscuit ( why would they feel proud/intelligent/sophisticated WTF??) Anyway, THANK YOU for being so much better than all the rest, whilst also being friendly & fun. Yes... I know I've gone on but it was such a relief to see 1 of your surveys in my mail after that other one =)'' - Rita

" I am really pleased to be part of a survey panel which cares for its members, there are a lot of panels out there that are so big, they send you a message saying they will fix the problem or whatever and it never gets done, but I feel that my voice is a really good panel. Thank you so much. Thank you, Take care,'' - Craig

" Just a quick note to say how much I love, love, love MyVoice! There is such a warm, welcoming and friendly feel to this site that isn't present on any other of the survey panels I use. Keep up the good work!'' - Katie

" I just wanted to say thank you , I have been a member for years and let my rewards mount up . I have just redeemed £40 soooo thank you so much . You have made this pensioners day :)'' - Margaret

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